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9th International Conference on Power Systems (ICPS) - 2021

December 16 - 18, 2021 | IIT Kharagpur, India


Following prestigious awards will be conferred during ICPS 2021.

LDC Excellence Award

The “LDC Excellence Award” is instituted to recognize the exceptional work done by the Load Despatch Centres (LDCs) in the Indian power sector. The 1st LDC Excellence award would be given in the 9th ICPS 2021 which is to be held at IIT Kharagpur during 16-18 December 2021. The secretariat of Forum of Load Despatchers (FOLD), which is a forum for all the LDCs, will help in dissemination of information about the award to the LDCs, collecting nominations from the LDCs, forwarding the completed forms with compilation of data to an independent Jury, constituted by the ICPS Core Steering Committee, to decide the award. The award will be conferred on 16 December 2021 during inaugural session of the ICPS 2021. LDCs may look at the FOLD website ( for detailed information regarding applying for the award.

Best Paper Awards

  • Best contributory paper presented by a student in every technical session.